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Мюзиклы и шоу
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Don Pasquale / Дон Паскуале
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Giselle / Жизель
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Cleopatre, La Dernierе Reine D'Egypte
Swan Lake / Лебединое озеро
Lohengrin / Лоэнгрин
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Fidelio / Фиделио
La Boheme / Богема
Domingo, Netrebko, Villazon - The Berlin Concert - Live From The Waldburne 2006
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Giselle / Жизель

Наша цена: 200 руб
Артикул: BC0066


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Anna Tsygankova, Jozef Varga, Igone DeJongh, Jan Zerer, Michele Jimenez
Directors: Adrienne Liron, Jeff Tudor

Adam: Giselle Blu-ray, Video Quality
Kultur is relatively new to the Blu-ray game, but they have been doing an overall exceptional job with their 1080i releases of classical titles filmed for television. Giselle is encoded via VC-1 and has excellent detail and some wonderful depth of field. As mentioned above, there's not a whale of a lot of color here, especially in the first act, where the costumes are almost all brown and beige, with the exception of Giselle's blue vest. Nonetheless, the backdrop is beautifully saturated, and the minimal sets bristle with fine detail. Close-ups also reveal a wealth of detail, and you will clearly see the dancers perspiring after the more arduous moments. The second act is bathed in darker hues, especially a nice, cool blue, and black levels and contrast are consistent and excellent throughout. Don't go into this Giselle expecting knock your socks off visuals, but what's here is solid.

Adam: Giselle Blu-ray, Audio Quality
Unfortunately Kultur hasn't quite stepped up to the plate yet in terms of lossless audio on any of its Blu-ray releases. This seems patently strange given the music-centric emphasis of the three Blu-rays released by the label thus far. The two Dolby Digital offerings here are OK, I guess, but I kept wondering what a nice lossless track would have offered. I opted for the 5.1 mix here, and it provides an agreeable enough sonic experience, but perhaps because I'm spoiled by lossless tracks on so many (even most) classical releases these days, it just sounded overly compressed, with very little high and low end. Fidelity is fine, if not overwhelming, and there are no dropouts or other anomalies to report, but if Kultur really wants to make an inroad into the admittedly niche classical market, they need to up the ante to lossless audio on their classical titles.


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